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25.10.1823/Finishing the Construction
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25.10.1823/Finishing the Construction

After three years of work on the 25th of October 1823 the Mound was declared finished. The Committee, a public body of the Republic of Krakow, did not disband but took care of the monument as its manager and caretaker. This committee is now called The Kościuszko Mound Committee and has accompanied the Mounds through all the pitfalls of history since it has been constructed. The first undertaking of the Committee was to publish a Diary of the Construction of the Monument to Tadeusz Kościuszko (Krakow, 1826). It contains documents of the constructions, plans and a list of all the benefactors, together with the amounts they contributed. Many famous names are contained therein, but also people of all estates, from all Polish lands, large and small amounts, anonymous donations, all in all an impressive proof of patriotism and solidarity. It is probably the largest list in the nation’s history up until the list of casualties in the First World War.

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