Save the Mound

Today access to the Mound is readily available to all who wish to visit it.

In 1997 after extreme downpours the Mound's structure collapsed. The Mound was closed to visitors for a couple of years. In 1999-2002 a renovation of the Mound was undertaken, using the newest and most inventive of technologies. In 2010 after yet another torrent rain destroyed some of the southern path, which demonstrated that not all the solutions applied during the renovation were successful. In 2012 for the first time the Mound and the Blessed Bronisława's Hill were studied geologically and a state-of-the-art monitoring system was installed, it allows for constant observation for all the inner movements and the processes taking place inside the Mound.

Currently it is crucial to apply modern science to help correct the means with which the Mound was repaired. The collected data prove that current safeguards are not enough and another catastrophe can take place. Extreme weather conditions could probably once again lead to the destruction of the Mound and all of the expensive restoration efforts.

The estimated cost of the modernisation is 4-5 million PLN. This amount is way beyond the financial capabilities of Kościuszko Mound Committee in Krakow, which is almost completely financed by entry tickets to the Mound.

Kościuszko Mound Committee in Krakow is asking you for help in financing the needed renovation effort. Help save a place of national remembrance and one of the greatest symbols of Krakow, Poland and the Solidarity of Nations in the Name of Humanity.

Please send any financial help for the Kościuszko Mound Committee to the following account:

  1115 0014 8712 1480 0132 4800 00

You can enter the Mound between 9:00 and 20:50 today. ×