Price list



Price list

A ticket to the Mound also allows our visitors to see all the exhibitions and collections. This includes: 

  • The Chapel of the Blessed Bronisława and the Columbarium,
  • Kosciuszko Collection,
  • Krakow's Mounds,
  • The Fortress and the City of Krakow 1846 - 1918,
  • Wax Figures "Polish Road to Freedom".

You can only visit them during their opening hours. After they are closed visitors are offered a reduced fare ticket the Mound.

All income is dedicated to maintenance of the Mound and of the collections.

No credit cards. Cash only.

Ticket price
Reduced Fare (schoolchildren, students, retired)10 zł
Normal12 zł
Family Small (up to 4 people)30 zł
Family Large (up to 6 people)40 zł

On the 4th of February, 24th of March and 15th of October entry to the Mound is admission free:

  • 4th of February – the date of birth of Kosciuszko,
  • 24th of March – on this day Tadeusz Kościuszko made his oath on the Main Square in Krakow and the Kosciuszko Uprising began in 1794,
  • 15th of October – the date of death of Kosciuszko. 


Throughout the year the Mound is opened from 9 AM until sunset,

You can enter the Mound between 9:00 and 20:50 today. ×