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Kaplica i Wzgórze bł. Bronisławy

According to the legend, Bronislawa, amidst seven fiery torches, regularly appeared on Mount Sikornik. In the beginning of the XVIII century a chapel, intended as a sing of worship, has been raised in honor of the blessed Norbertine on top of the mount.

In XVIII century a certain nobleman came to Cracow from Lithuania. It so happened, that once upon a time he saw in his dream a mount, on top of which there was an altar surrounded by nuns in white habits. The voice in his dream told him, that it is there that he would find salvation. Because of this he left Lithuania, reached Cracow, and in Mount Sikornik recognized the place from his dreams. He therefore decided to settle nearby the Chapel of Blessed Bronislawa, where he resided till death, leading a simple life of a hermit.

In 1846, after the fall of the Cracow Insurrection, The Republic of Cracow has been incorporated into the Austrian territory. The new government decided to fortify the mount, and in effect, the Chapel of Blessed Bronislawa has been devastated. This act met with grave protests of the polish people. The news of public discontent reached the emperor, and in effect the Austrian government decided to build a new chapel at the country's expense..

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